Applying for a job as a forklift driver In Middlesex?

Whether you need a refresher course or need to learn from the start, we can help. We can train in-house or at our training centre, whichever suits your convenience. We will complete your course with careful and thorough guidance.

Dumper Training Experts in Middlesex

We recommend Dumper training to anyone who uses or will be using a wheeled or tracked forward tipping Dumper in the land-based industries or construction industry.

Why choose our Dumper training course?

  • Learner operators – wheeled or tracked – 3-day training course
  • Experienced operators – wheeled or tracked -1-day training course
  • On site assessment available for experienced operators
  • Dumper training course covers essential features of the Dumper truck, basic construction, names of components and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges. Use of the operator’s handbook.
  • Pre-use, start, running checks and close-down procedure
  • Preparing the Dumper for site and road travel
  • Travelling the Dumper over different terrain including rough, undulating ground while unloaded and loaded




Exclusive Dumper training courses for you:


  • Travelling the Dumper up and down substantial inclines in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Manoeuvring progressing to confined spaces in a forward and reverse direction
  • Positioning the Dumper to receive loads
  • Loading procedures.
  • Load characteristics, integrity and security
  • Discharging loads into trenches and over edges
  • Placing the Dumper in an out-of-service condition
  • Loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporter
  • Dumper trained operators achievement test



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Salaam all, I am writing this feedback for Power Forklift Training to tell you all that if you want get certification for Counter Balance, Reach Truck, Dumper, Telescopic CPCS or Cherry Picker Scissor Lift, you need to call 0798 662 1160. Mr. Singh is the best person I have met who knows about forklift machines and certifications. They even help you in finding a high paid job. I got certificate for reach truck and counterbalance, but my friends from other courses gave me equally good feedback.” – 

Peter Daniels