Telescopic Forklift Training

Telescopic forklift training in Middlesex
The Telescopic forklift is fast becoming one of the most popular types of forklift due to how versatile it is.

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Telescopic forklift training can stand anybody’s career in good stead since there are only a limited number of people in the country who have the necessary skills to drive these machines. The Power Forklift Training utilises accredited crash courses to provide the necessary skills students need to take their licensing exam and pass with flying colours. For more information, feel free to speak to a member of our team today.

We provide our candidates with the required skills.
When people think of the forklift they instantly think of the smaller vehicles with two forks which raise heavy items a few feet off the ground. Well, the Telescopic forklift is an entirely different beast because it’s over double the size of a conventional forklift and uses a variety of attachments to carry out the work. Expect to find this sort of vehicle in the construction and agricultural industries. Employers tend to prefer these forklifts since a variety of attachments enable workers to lift items to far greater heights. A four-wheel drive system also allows the use of these machines on uneven ground.

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